My Wild Garden


Creating a beautiful wild garden as a space for quiet and reflection, where birds and wildlife feel welcome


Hello and welcome to my website that focuses on wild gardening and the incredible potential of a wild garden to evoke feelings of connection to nature.

For many years I have been running the Wild Neighbours initiative with the vision of inspiring an interest in urban wildlife, and this work has now moved into the realm of wild gardening as a way to motivate a more intimate, on-your-doorstep connection with wild nature.

In today’s busy world, I have come to see that one really only finds the time or energy to conserve that which we understand and connect to on an emotional level. A wild garden can help empower that connection.

Through a little bit of work and know-how, it is wonderful to see how we can transform our living spaces into thriving wild gardens filled with a rich diversity of shrubs and plants, and in so doing create habitat for the creatures great and small that live alongside us in our beautiful city. For many birds and small mammals, these urban spaces become a welcome haven where they can find regular food and shelter in an otherwise challenging and constantly changing world.

And for ourselves, our gardens can become beautiful, tranquil spaces that offer quiet and sanctuary from the bustle of everyday life. Daily interactions with nature, where we witness the ebb and flow of nature’s intricate processes, opens our eyes to the delicate magic of life and our own sense of belonging within the wider living world.

“A wild garden is more than a patchwork of habitat for wild creatures, it is also an important space where we can experience calm amidst the pressures of modern life.”

Belinda Ashton


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Everyday encounters…

Creating beautiful garden sanctuaries

With a little bit of work and know-how, our gardens can become beautiful, tranquil spaces that offer sanctuary from the bustle of everyday life. And as we tend our gardens through the seasons, observing the ebb and flow of nature’s intricate processes, so we bear witness to the complex web of life and nurture a more meaningful connection to the earth itself. Through our wild gardens, we experience feelings of kinship with the world of wild nature.

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A tangle of foliage

An environment where nature can take root

A wild garden that is left to grow more-or-less at its own pace and with minimal disturbance can over time become a colourful tangle of trees and bushy shrubs intermingled with textured heaths and grasses, providing habitat and a source of food for a diverse array of garden visitors. And how lovely it feels to sit quietly in the shade of a favoured tree listening to the bees gathering pollen from the flowering lavender, or to a little robin calling from its perch deep in the plumbago hedge.

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Creating beautiful spaces

A place for quiet and reflection

Swathes of beautiful indigenous grasses planted amongst the shrubs, delicate scabiosa flowers pushing up on gangly stems, delicate groundcover creeping over a rocky path, and the garden fence tucked behind a hedge of spiky hawthorn. A wild garden is an eclectic mishmash of vegetation, a space with no defined edges, of cracks and crevices, of mixed beds filled with both annuals and perennials, of seasonal changes that support the life cycle of the different plants, and of course patches of sand where birds can enjoy a dust bath.

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Living within a wider world

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The peace of wild things…