Working for wildlife and wild places

I love trees and spring flowers and old fences covered with creepers. I love watching geese fly home at sunset and listening to the birds that sing and chatter in my garden. I love forest trails and long winter evenings reading a book. I love robins and foxes and badgers and mongooses. I listen out for porcupines at night and the eagle owls calling to one another from neighbours’ rooftops. I love the ocean breeze, the silence of an ancient woodland, bluebells in spring, snowdrops in winter, a river tumbling over mossy rocks. I love waking up to a fresh new day knowing that the magic of life stretches before me…

As a writer and environmental project innovator, I have worked over the years with many inspired people and organisations, and had wonderful experiences being involved in a diverse range of initiatives, each created to inspire closer connections to the world of wild nature.

Born in the beautiful fairest Cape, I have always been drawn to wild landscapes, where my soul resonates with the earth and the creatures that live alongside us. This interest in and concern for our natural world is woven into all of my work, most particularly our Oceans of Africa marine conservation work and my Wild Neighbours Urban Wildlife Initiative which I launched in 2010 with the support of Dr John Hadidian of the Humane Society in America.

Through creating inspirational materials that explore our complex and ever-changing relationship with nature, I hope to engender a more caring and compassionate attitude towards the creatures great and small that live alongside us in our towns and cities around the world.

I recently launched my Wild Gardens initiative with a specific focus on helping people to integrate wild gardening principles within their homes.

“Through nurturing our wild gardens, we experience feelings of kinship with the world of wild nature.”